What brokers do with traders that is unfair?

Brokers versus Traders

There are a lot of things that brokers do with traders and that all are unfair but they do. This is because traders sign agreement with brokers and they don’t see those clauses in the agreement that are written in small words. Sometimes good brokers give the profits or whatever trader earned, but mostly they don’t give. The question is why? because sometimes traders do those things that make loses to brokers. If brokers and their staff capture the bug or any thing suspected in trading, they immediately suspend the earning or account.


The most common thing nowadays among trader’s complaint is, broker has disabled his/her account. Broker is not giving profit earned by them. There are somethings that every trader should see and they should understand that they are doing this business online. There is not an authority internationally that grab broker for not giving your money. This thing happened when United States bound their traders, not to trade outside of USA. They bound other countries not to accept the US citizen for trading or creating account. That step was taken to secure their citizens but what happened next? Brokers stop accepting traders of United States. That happened in the beginning of 2014.


What brokers do with traders


People started worrying about their earnings, because they had already invested their money with binary and forex trading. The brokers then stopped their trading and then restrict them to open any kind of trade. At that time they told all the United States citizen to withdraw their amount as soon as possible, as they will no longer part of their program. Why am I telling this history? this is because the United States took action against the interest of their citizen. If you are out of united states then will your country take that action against a broker? I don’t think that it will happen, because these kind of brokers use virtual offices. Not all the brokers are bad, but most of them are bad, because there is a lot of money involve as commission, that’s why it attracted scammers too.


Scam brokers know that what traders will look in. They fulfill all the requirements and start making their firm. Traders always see some basic things and then start investing with them. This is because brokers offer a lot of things, they offer big bonuses, they offer high returns. Traders don’t usually take reviews and most of them are newbies. They don’t think about hurdles they may face. But they just focus on making money. The withdrawal is the last step, but in real it is the main step. Earning is the basic thing, but after earning trader see these kind of hurdles? like you didn’t abide rules of trading. You were trading with high risk, you made profits in volatile market, you should keep your trades open for at least 10 minutes. These are some objections that brokers raise when you are going to ask about your profits.


I will recommend some suggestion to tie in knot.
  • Never accept higher bonuses. If accept then you are bound to trade certain lots to withdraw money. That can be multiple lots of bonus money.
  • Never trade with higher leverage (Forex Trading)
  • Open always small trades, if you win one trade doesn’t means that you will win other too. So do proper money management and then trade. Don’t double the lot on first winning.
  • Be a trader, not gambler.
  • Don’t put all eggs in one basket. Means don’t invest with only one broker and don’t invest all the money in one broker, try them first and then invest.


Binary Options is not scam, it is a legit way of earning and making money. The main thing is to select good Binary Options Broker or Forex Broker. The quality of broker is very much important to see. Ignoring these things will lead a loss of money. Please read the terms and conditions of brokers first then open an account with them.

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