Facebook is going to launch their own crypto currency

Own Crypto Currency

Facebook is now planning to launch their own crypto currency. This is a news that is hovering in facebook from the previous month. This is not a new thing when someone try to launch his own crypto currency. Facebook is a giant in social media. They know that how much people follow them and how much people are attached with them. Their shares are available in market for trade.


There are so many companies announced to launch their own crypto currency. We can see steemit is a crypto currency and it is based upon social services and networking. The thing to see here is about the popularity of facebook and the interest of people in facebook crypto coin. Facebook has given a big chance to its followers to get the chance to earn from facebook. How? by purchasing the pre-sale tokens and then every person knows that the price will go high. This is actually the nature of human being that they see opportunity. Facebook is a big opportunity for those who want to make money.


Social own Crypto Currency


Steemit is also a good platform. They have their own website and there they are offering people to share their opinion. By sharing opinion, blogs, comments and photos, members of that forum can earn rewards in shape of steemit coins. This is a very nice feature of steemit. They are giving away their coins continuously by just socializing among people. But they have some restrictions. They don’t open their doors for all the people. They keep watching from spammers and people who are commenting useless. Their moderation system is strong enough to catch the spam comments.


Readers of this website can also sign up in steemit and they can also earn this coin by doing what they do in facebook. They don’t need to do any cryptography or mining through rig or anything else. They just need to be social and share their experience with people. Doesn’t matter, whether they have knowledge in travel or shopping. There are some sections for off topic and other topics. It is recommended to try that website.


Airdrop system


Another way to earn free coins is airdrop system. When a company is about to launch their system then they give away some quantity of their tokens and coins in public. This is a good advertising technique. By using this technique, they can spread their words and their agenda among the people easily. These airdrops can be withdrawn with certain conditions. The company give the conditions when they start their pre-sale. They giveaway the airdrops and then start their pre-sale to attract new investors. Mostly people come to avail the free airdrops and then they see the rising rates of their tokens. They actually get attached with their websites to get latest updates, so that they would be able to withdraw their tokens into their wallets.

When they achieve their target, they stop their pre-sale and then their next goal is to enlist in crypto exchangers. Whenever they get enlisted, their prices start to rise and people start to exchange and trade with other coins and USDT. There are several good crypto exchangers available. Most of them are open to sign up, but some are now restricting new registrations. We will soon make a list of crypto exchangers.


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