Forex Market is next to CryptoCurrency market – Investors

Forex Market – CryptoCurrency Market – Investors

Forex market is now in focus of most of the investors. The rise of cryptocurrency market is now losing its space, therefore, investors are thinking to return to their safe heaven. The uncertainty of the crytocurrency market is an indication that the volatility of market may repeat the history of 2014. The price is falling just like four years ago.


Forex market and trading has always a great charm for investors, this is because of their leverage. There are a lot of opportunities in forex market, although it is high yield and high risky market. If we compare crypto market to forex market then we will find the high volatility in crypto market because of the price of bitcoin and major alt coins. The price of the alt coins are written in btc rather and btc price fluctuate with dollars. On the other hand if we see forex market then market moves in fractional pips or some pips that may be 150 pips. These are not more than peanuts in crypto market.

forex brokers and crypto exchanges

There is another thing that we want to share here. The traders can trade forex with forex brokers, but the traders trade in crypto market with the help of exchanges. In that exchanges the base currency is bitcoin or USDT. Just like forex market, there are hundreds of pairs to trade, or more than forex market. As we know that the market of forex has three major sessions. These are time wise sessions, asian, european, american and other countries. These sessions are attached to each other. That make a 24 hours cycle of forex market.

Cryptocurrency market is also open for 24 hours. It also keep you away from your bed and rest. There is a big charm for investors in cryptocurrency market but the risk is higher as today the accumulated loss of 241 billion dollars the crypto market has suffered. All this money is investors money, and the big investors sold their coins in market that dis-balance the ratio of demand and supply.

Forex Trading Platform

Besides this fact, the forex trading platform is really helpful and user friendly. The cryptocurrency trading platform is a bit difficult than forex trading platform. There are a lot of learning is required in forex market for the sake of money making. If the trader is not spending his time in forex trading platform and learning theory, he will not succeed. Here we will discuss a bit about forex trading platform, so that readers may get familiar with it.

Forex brokers offer free trading platform (that is called demo account) to trade in international market. This is specifically for execute trades in international market on your behalf from forex broker. The version starts from version 1 to 5. The most used forex trading platform and still in use by traders is metatrader 4. This is the best and easy to use forex trading platform. Not only forex market, you can find other commodities and markets in currency charts. It depends upon the broker that how much pairs he is offering for trade.

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