No Deposit Bonus and other bonuses

No Deposit Bonus


No deposit bonus is an attraction that every broker give to attract new clients and investors. Why brokers offer no deposit bonus? and what does it means? No deposit bonus is just like demo account but in no deposit bonus, traders can do their trade with limited amount of money without investment. If we say in simple words, traders do their trades in live market with broker’s money. Brokers are happy to allow traders to trade with their small piece of money to know their trading platforms.


Why do they offer No Deposit Bonus? This is because the main thing is to attract new investors to their platform. The advertisement of broker, most of the traders start talking about broker who is offering free bonus or no deposit bonus. It is an estimated idea that at least 10 out of hundred traders start thinking to invest with the broker after trade with them. This is a best strategy to attract not only new traders but also seasoned traders. They have certain conditions for the withdrawal. Don’t expect that traders will be able to withdraw the profits easily.


Deposit bonuses by brokers


Some brokers offer No deposit bonus along with bonuses upon deposits. At first they give chance to trade with broker’s money and after that they encourage traders to invest their money and they give big bonuses that increase their equity and balance. This bonus helps them to trade with ease of mind at first. But in reality, it is a big burden on their mind, because they will have to trade certain lots in order to withdraw their profits. The first attraction is high leverage and the other attraction is bonus upon deposit. These things are good for those who have mind to lose their own investment. They can trade with ease of mind.


Traders with small investment or limited investment can get benefits of bonuses. Not only forex brokersĀ  but Binary Brokers also offer no deposit bonuses. They offer big amount of bonuses than forex brokers. To whom it is suitable? let me give you an example. If a trader has 100$ in his hands and he wants to try 4 brokers then he will invest $25 each, not 100$ each or invest all $100 with one and then expect that he will soon invest with other. If he invest $25 with each then he will have small amount of investment with each broker.


Some brokers give 100% bonus on first deposit and then 30% on following deposits. Some offer 200% of the first deposit with the limitation of $5000. These are actually the attractions that people see and they start to play. This kind of bonuses usually offered by Binary Options brokers, not with forex brokers. Crypto Currency Exchanger have different strategy, due to rising demand of crypto currencies, they have restricted their memberships. This is good sign and I think that it will help to control spamming and useless traders or exchanger. It will also help to restrict inactive users that have accounts but no money inside or no crypto coins inside.


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