What is Forex? why this market is very much attractive?

Basic concept about forex trading and market


There are so many questions arise in our mind that why forex is so much attractive? Forex market covers trillions of dollars a day transactions. This is the thing that attract people to the forex market. In the past few years, or you can say in decade, forex got popularity. This is because awareness and use of internet. The number of internet users is increasing day by day. It is now available on mobile phone too.

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After the launch of smarts phones, the number of internet users increased. The brokers and advertisers of forex broker got chance to send their proposals to concerned people more easily. People got knowledge of forex through internet and they started invest their monies in forex market.


Trading Sessions in Forex Market


The good thing of this market is, it has three major sessions. It means that this is a 24 hours market. One session is Asian, second session is European and third session is American. Traders have chances to trade on daily basis and have opportunity to trade whenever they want, except holidays or off days. This business has some pros and some cons.


A trader or participant need to understand these things before he starts working with brokers or trading. This is lucrative market, a lot of money people see in this market everyday. But this is high risk market. Investor’s one single wrong trade may lead full account wipe out. It can drain all your balance in one single fall or rise of market.


Need of Brokers in Market


When you signup with any broker of your choice, you may see that there is a small wording agreement and precautions that so many people do not read. It is necessary to read the agreement and terms of service. Because by reading these terms, you will understand that how your trades will execute, what trades are eligible etc.


Yes, your trades may be denied, if the market is in high fluctuation. Your meta trader may not work in that time. Suppose, if you have open trade and market start fluctuate then what will happen? you will not be able to close your trade. In a sudden fluctuation, all your balance may come into negative, besides you have agreement that there will not be a negative balance.


Pros and Cons of Forex Trading and Market


It is highly recommended to the people who are seeking market to invest, if you are heading to forex market, please read the tutorials, learn before start earning. It is not as much easy as it is projected by brokers and media. It can ruin your life. It can make your life happy, only in that time when you are opening your trades with proper analysis. Hope you will understand.

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